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«Montessori Letter Sounds» for iPad: to get your child on the road to reading.

(For kids aged 3 to 7 years old)

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“By reading I mean the interpretation of an idea by means of graphics or symbols…A child does not read until he receives ideas from the written word”*

Based on the Montessori* method, Montessori* Letter Sounds works in 4 steps:

- Around 3 years old: “I spy” to play sound games.

- Around 4 years old: “Letter sounds” to memorize the letter sounds and how they are written.

- Between 4 and 5: “Mix and match” to bring together the two first steps.

- Around 4 1/2 years old: “Sound it out” to write their first words using a moveable alphabet.

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In each step children will find a learning activity and a game activity to help them put their learning into practice.  Self-correction is encouraged throughout the app to increase self-confidence.   The system keeps track of marbles won by each player.  Marbles are used to unlock games and levels and to stimulate learning.

Children also benefit from a “Toolbox” offering:

- A phonetic alphabet

- A notebook

- A sandbox to trace letters freely

- An image box (great for vocabulary)

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Watch our demo!

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*The Montessori Method is based on sensorial learning.  Its main goals are to develop children’s autonomy and self-confidence.

** The Discovery of the Child, M. Montessori

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